5. Frequenly Asked Questions

5.1. Where is the documentation?

Tabulate documentation is hosted on Read The Docs at http://tabulate.readthedocs.org/

5.2. Where should issues be reported?

Please log all bugs, feature requests, and other issues in the GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/tabulate/tabulate/issues

5.3. What modifications does Tabulate make to the database?

Four database tables are created, and one option, all prefixed with tabulate_. When Tabulate is uninstalled, all of these are deleted (but custom tables are not touched).

5.4. Is row-level access control possible?

This should be done by creating a view (of one or more tables) and granting access to that.

5.5. What reasons exist for the ‘Unable to create temporary export file’ error?

If you are getting an error like “Unable to create temporary export file: C:\Windows\Temp\tabulate_5593a4c432a67.csv” or “Unable to create temporary export file: /tmp/tabulate_5593a4c432a67.csv” then you should firstly turn on debug mode and re-run the export to see if you get more information in the error message, and then:

  1. check that your database user has the FILE privilege.

  2. make sure your MySQL server user has write-access to the directory to which the CSV files are written, and your web server user has read access to the same directory.

  3. If those don’t work, you can change WordPress’s temporary-files’ directory by creating the wp-content/tmp/ directory and adding the following to your wp-config.php:

    define( 'WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content/tmp/' );

5.5.1. MySQL’s secure_file_priv variable

Note that the MySQL server may be running with the secure_file_priv variable (you can check this with SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "secure_file_priv"), and in this case the web server also needs to be able to read files from that same directory. It is probably better to disable secure-file-priv (by setting it to an empty value) rather than setting it to a widely-readable directory (such as /tmp) because then you can control who can read the directories that are used by it.

This is a global variable that needs to be changed in MySQL’s server-configuration file; it cannot be set dynamically at runtime.

5.6. Where is the developers’ documentation?

For information about the development of Tabulate or integrating other plugins with it please see CONTRIBUTING.md on GitHub.