Tabulate User Manual

Tabulate is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress designed to make it easy to work with relational tabular data. For more information, please read the Introduction.


Looking for the TL;DR? Here it is!

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Browse to the Tabulate screen in the Admin Area
  3. Create some tables
  4. Start creating or importing data

Learning more

For more information, you can work through this documentation. It is written to be read in order but should be reasonably easy to dip into wherever you want.

If anything doesn’t make sense, or the operation of the software doesn’t match what’s here, we’d be very grateful if you could raise an issue on GitHub to let us know.

We’re trying to write Tabulate in a test-first manner, in that all new features and bug fixes are preceeded by test code that ensures their correct operation. We’re also trying to document-first: no code, not even test cases, is written until the documentation has been created or updated to match what we’re trying to make the software do. The stable version of the documentation, therefore, is complete and can be read as instructions of how to use Tabulate—the latest version, however, may at times be a bit avant-garde and not (yet) make any sense with respect to what you’ll see on an installed site.